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Thanks to philanthropic funding from the Ford Foundation and Schmidt Futures, government employees and non-profit organizations can use the NBRH Help Desk to book free time with experts in broadband policy, funding, and program implementation. We can answer most broadband questions in four days or less.

Example of questions or help you can submit: I am meeting with the governors’ team to discuss budget allocation for my State’s Broadband Office. In preparation for this meeting, I need support in creating a staffing plan for my office. What kind of expertise should my staff have? How can I best allocate resources to support my staffing plan?

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    About the Experts

    CTC Technology & Energy and HR&A Advisors together bring more than 70 years of combined experience in advising governments and nonprofits on a diverse range of broadband topics, including engineering, network design, technical and financial feasibility, funding strategy, policy, governance, program design and program implementation.

    We are able to provide the same high-quality advisory services through the NBRH Help Desk completely free of charge, thanks to the generous philanthropic support of the Ford Foundation and Schmidt Futures. Engaging with our team through the Help Desk does not obligate you in any way to implement our advice, nor does it create any sort of financial relationship. Our services through the Help Desk are free to the community, and always will be.